We Are Strong Believers That Every Child Must Have A Chance To Do What They Believe In

Our Philosophy

It doesn’t matter if the child chooses the competitive or recreational path in figure skating, as professional coaches it is important for us to provide skaters with the best coaching technics and methods within our power. We believe that the sport of figure skating is a great tool to further success in life and is an enriching addition to an athlete both physically and mentally. Every child is unique and our goal is to help them reach their best potential and foster their love for the sport.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are appropriate for children and adults with no skating experience that want to learn one-on-one from a coach. Private ice skating instruction is tailored to the individual!

We recommend private figure skating lessons to:

  • Children & adults with no skating experience.
  • Ice skaters who demonstrate talent in figure skating.
  • Busy families whose activity schedule conflicts with the ice rink’s community classes.
  • Enthusiastic ice skaters interested in going beyond recreational skating.
  • Ice Skaters wanting to supplement their group class instruction.

Private lessons are not just for children who need help to keep up. Learning proper technique is critical to the success of all skaters including the advanced ones. Without proper and adequate instruction in the early years, future progress can be compromised.


Semi - Private Lessons

Private instruction does not always mean one-on-one lessons. It can include a combination of private, semi-private and group lessons from the coach hired to direct a skater’s career. ‘Semi-private’ lessons are lessons for two skaters. ‘Private-group’ lessons include three or more of the coach’s own skaters and often run longer. Of the three types of private instruction, one-on-one is the most common lesson format at this level possibly because skaters are new to the sport and relationships between skaters and coaches and parents have not yet had a chance to develop. ‘Private-group’ and ‘semi-private’ lessons, if they can be arranged, can be very beneficial at this level too. When lesson time is extended skaters have an opportunity to better their skills and improve at a faster rate.

Our “Private-group” lessons for skaters Basic 6 through High Beginner are designed to introduce skaters to more detailed basic techniques including: “stroking and edges”, spins and jumps, Choreography, Artistry in Motion and Interpretation. Small group format allows younger athletes to get the feeling of sportsmanship, friendship, team atmosphere and responsibility. Also it allows them to begin learning and attending competitive events as a team:

  • Test sessions
  • Basic skills competitions
  • Non-qualified competitions
  • Team events at competitions
  • Showcase events

Figure skating is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone whether you skate just for recreation or wish to compete with other skaters. We offer to learn basic, advanced skating skills, opportunity to perform in competitions and shows as individual, pair or team skater. Whatever your level Ice Wave Figure Skating School has a lot to offer.

Our professional team prepares students for


  MIF and Freestyle Tests

  Ice Shows

  Team Events at Competitions (Showcase)